From Concept to Production

It isn't only a slogan - its our philosophy.

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Professional Engineers Ontario

Polytronics Engineering Ltd. was formed in 1979 based on the promise of developing and manufacturing Battery Monitoring Systems based on new concepts and technologies.

Over its 35 years of existence, Polytronics has developed numerous new techniques to aid users in maintaining their stationary batteries. Naming some like CommonSenseTM (patented) single sensing wire base battery monitoring, principles for dynamic internal resistance measurements (published 2001) and concept of float current monitoring (FactstarTM), first in the industry.

In our development arsenal are many power and consumer electronics products like the ultrafase Custom loadbanks with constant current and constant power load options, portable battery testers, power conversion units, intelligent transfer switches and custom data acquisition systems.

So if you've been searching for an engineering firm with a higher level of commitment, give us a call. See what it's like to work with an outfit that follows a business philosophy, not just a business plan.

Nothing is Impossible. Impossible Just Takes Longer.

The newest products utilize embedded ARM RISK SoC technology and widely rediscovered IR communication.

This new-generation device allows a user to retrieve data about the health of their battery with a push of a button, while maintaining safe distance from and with no contact with the battery.

Some of our past clients: