"We were chosen for the largest battery monitoring installation in the world!"


BTM Pico installation in the world's largest UPS battery in Alaska (BESS)

In 2015 Polytronics was awarded the contract to install the world's largest battery monitoring system by GVEA in Fairbanks, Alaska. The project involved monitoring over 15,000 cells. The scale of this project was colossal and there were many technical challenges. The primary concern was over the safety and the reliability of the battery monitoring system.

Using BTM Pico which utilizes 100% optical link between jars, this was the only product on the market that could provide the safety of withstanding 5kV of the battery string, and thus avoiding any hazard of fire or ground fault. BTM Pico does not utilize wiring harness but instead uses fiber optic cable which provides true galvanic isolation.

In 2016 the project was successfully completed. By tying into the customer's existing SCADA and Modbus network, the surveillance and monitoring was made seamless.

(The picture to the left shows the scale of the installation, with the inset showing a close-up of BTM Pico)

Why be caught by surprise with a reduced support time?

BTM systems examine your UPS battery banks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also record your battery performance over time, providing you with valuable information for determining the battery state of health. A BTM can estimate the battery support time remaining under load conditions. It dramatically improves battery reliability and reduces expensive, time consuming preventative maintenance.

With a BTM system in place you can rest easy, knowing that your backup supply is always ready to perform and protect your operation.

Automatic alarms will warn you of battery problems when you're in the next room or a thousand miles away. Voice messages can even contact you on a cell phone or pager

A BTM system connects directly to the terminals of your battery and monitors voltage, current and internal impedance characteristics. Specially developed adaptive algorithms recognize unusual behavior in any cell before it can cause harm.

Unlike a simple specific gravity tester, the BTM software can compare battery charge or load performance with ideal curves and record it for analysis. Easy to use graphs and reports make problem diagnosis a simple task. Corrosion resistant connectors make the system virtually maintenance free.