The Pico M System

The Pico M is a multi purpose, new generation battery monitoring device. It can be used in permanent battery monitoring installations as well as components of mobile battery load test "toolbox".

As permanent battery monitoring devices, it has a great potential to be incorporated into battery jar containers as snap-on OEM modules. A Pico M devices is wired only to a battery jar it monitors. Therefore, the voltage isolation issues are eliminated by its design concept.

Pico M

The Pico M weighs only 10g and 8mm in thickness. A single device is connected to a battery jar with two leads, continuously monitoring a jar's voltage and temperature.

High brightness LEDs provide indication of device's operational status. Pico M devices are available in standard and extended memory capacity versions. Pico M devices are capable of collecting measurement values, alarm conditions and calcylated battery performance data over a period of time, whose length depend upon the internal memory capacity.

Pico D

Pico D was designed in response to customer requests for economical battery data logging system which does not require wiring to the central console.

The Pico D weighs only 10g and measures 32mm x 38mm. A single device is connected to a battery jar with two leads, measuring a jar's voltage, the post temperature and optionally a second jar input.

Data Accessor

Optional handheld data accessor for system maintenance using a wireless infrared interface

Data is retrieved with a handheld device, via a fast 115 kBps infrared communications link, one device at a time. Simply point device at a Pico M of interest to retrieve data.

Data is stored on a micro SD flash card, which can be can be removed and transferred to a computer for review. The Data Accessor is also equipped with an LCD screen that can be used to review current and historic data from the Pico M.