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The BTMGlobal is designed for large and very large battery plants composed from multiple battery banks in complex configurations and multiple locations.

The BTMGlobal system stores and generates trending profiles for battery primary data, calculates battery health related parameters, and generates alarms when user threshold levels are exceeded. Can be customized for Public or Private Cloud Monitoring.

FS3 Factstar

The FS3 Factstar is a simple single-component battery bank monitor. The device uses Polytronics revolutionary float current monitoring technique along with battery segment measurements to determine abnormal operating conditions and battery health.

Built in dual alarm contact allow the FS3 Factstar to be integrated with an on-site SCADA system.

Remote Battery Monitoring Systems

Cost sensitive solution for remote battery monitoring, lean version of the BTMGlobal. Can be customized for Public or Private Cloud Monitoring.

Each component is electrically isolated from each-other. Low power consumption and built in intelligent power-saving modes protect battery against discharge.

Pico M System

The Pico M is a multipurpose, new generation battery monitoring device, designed for battery capacity testing and/or battery life-long data collection. The device uses bright LEDs to indicate abnormal conditions.

The Pico M uses an infrared Data Accessor to access present readings and retrieve stored data.